Cartridge Shops In Cape Town

Cartridge Shops In Cape Town

Cartridge Shops In Cape Town

Cartridge Shops in Cape Town

It is very hard to decide on the right Cartridge shops In Cape Town but there are some factors that can help you out.

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Make sure the cartridge shop has an open return policy meaning, if they have refilled your cartridge and it does not work make sure they offer money back guarantee or a free replacement of your cartridge. If they are any good (like us) they will have replacements. A refill cartridge will sometimes fail because the electronics on the cartridge just decide to stop working, why they stop working we don’t know, but this can all be tested if the Cartridge Shop has test printers (we have) so before the cartridge is given back to the customer they know if it is working or not.

Make sure the person or cartridge shop you are buying from is not a fly by night shop and has a solid reputation. The reason being, if you get your cartridge refilled by a cartridge shop in Cape Town and it stops working you want to be sure they are still going to be there when you come back. Since we have been open for the last  eight years we have seen a whole bunch of refill cartridge shops come and go, the truth is if they don’t know what they are doing they’re not going to last very long. The could be buying inferior ink and using inferior refilling techniques, what normally happens in this case is the cartridge shop can not keep up with the amount of returns and refunds and will soon go bust.

Make sure that the cartridge shop you are buying from has a good warranty on their cartridges, we provide a 6 month warranty on our refills because we know that what we are selling is quality. Our toner cartridges have a 1 year warranty on them but usually when people come back to us after a year with a problem we usually fix it for them.

A good Cartridge shop in Cape Town will remanufacture your toner cartridges while you wait so there is no delay in getting them. Usually when you run out of ink or toner you can’t wait a day or so as you were probably in the middle of a print job and didn’t pay any attention to that low ink or toner light blinking at you. The longest wait you will experience with us is 15 minutes so as far as that is concerned you are already saving so much time. Pop in drop it off and pick it up later if you can’t wait the fifteen minutes you will be surprised that people can’t even wait that long.


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