Refill Cartridges for South Africa

Refill Cartridges for South Africa

Refill Cartridges For South Africa

Cartridge Emporium is an advocate for refilling of cartridges in South Africa. We are a third world country so we need to refill our ink and toner cartridges irrespective of how much money you have. There are many reasons to refill your ink and toner cartridges in South Africa.


1. It saves the environment by recycling of your cartridges. If you threw them away they would end up in some garbage dump contaminating the water supply and the earth around it. Not such a great plan if you want your kids to grow up healthy. There is so much cancer around today because of pollution. Our kids deserve a better chance at life than we did. Remaining ignorant or having a devil may care attitude isn’t going to do anyone any good. We all live on the planet together so what one person does the other is affected by it. Refill Cartridges for South Africa


2. It saves your money. Refill cartridges are less than half the price so you can either print twice as much or save twice as much money. My mother always told me that a penny saved is a penny earned. So every time you refill your cartridges whether it be ink or toner cartridges you end up saving a whole bunch of money.

So at least if you don’t refill cartridges for South Africa you should at least be refilling your cartridges for your children. Cartridge Emporium was primarily set up because we love environmental businesses built on sustainability in mind. We love the environment and we love to save people money so the two go hand in hand perfectly as there aren’t many environmental businesses that save customers money right away.

We have no idea why the government does not push for refill cartridges it is something that amazes me almost daily. I mean, you have no idea what they spend on new cartridges every year when they could be saving so much money by refilling. I know because I used to tender for their business and I always tried to push for refilled laser cartridges which they would not go for. It seriously confuses me and it should piss you off too. It’s your money too.

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