Compatible Cartridges In Cape Town From Cartridge Emporium

Compatible Cartridges Save You more than 50%

Cartridge Emporium has a full range of compatible cartridges to satisfy your needs. We have extensively tested our compatible cartridges to make sure they comply with our extremely high quality standards. Our compatible cartridges not only save you money but give you peace of mind. Cartridge Emporium’s Compatible Cartridges are industry specific and very high quality using special inks for each printer. Our full range of compatible cartridges cover the HP cartridge range and many canon cartridges and Lexmark and Samsung cartridges. For our Compatible range go here to have a look at prices and availability. If we don’t have what you need please give us a call and go to our contacts page HERE and our friendly staff will help you.

Compatible Cartridges

Start Saving money today and come in to Cartridge Emporium for your Compatible cartridges. You don’t have to spend the world in order to print anymore. By using compatible cartridges you will get more value for money. We would prefer you to use cartridge refills in order to save the environment and save even more money but if you don’t want that we have the compatible range available for you. HP has also declared war on the cartridge refill industry by producing more and more cartridges that have chips on them that can not be refilled which is why we have to sell compatibles. Why they have taken this direction is probably because they are losing too much market share to other manufacturers but what this is in fact do is hastening their fall because not everyone likes to be dictated to.

The need for Balance in the Cartridge Industry

There needs to be some sort of balance of power where people have a choice as to what they want to do with their printer cartridges. What I mean by that is quality should speak for itself, if some one else can come up with a quality product that can compete then why should they be penalised or the client penalised for using it by HP or Canon or other manufacturers saying your warranty will be void if you use anything else other than our product. That’s like car manufacturers saying you can only use Shell or BP or Total petrol in your car otherwise you lose your warranty, people would be up in arms. Why then is it accepted in the printer market? People deserve that choice!

We circumvent that issue with out warranty. If your printer is still under warranty and you use one of our refills or compatible cartridges and our cartridges are the cause of the printer failure we will replace your printer or have it repaired. This is how confident we are in our cartridges. So this takes the worry out of using compatible cartridges or refill cartridges.