Compatible Cartridge Retailer Cape Town

Compatible Cartridge Retailer

We supply compatible cartridges both ink and toner cartridges to end users. Our products are the very best and we have very low prices. This is a premium product. Please contact Cartridge Emporium for a price.

We have a wide range of HP Compatible Ink Cartridges and a decent range on Canon Compatibles. We also supply Lexmark compatibles such as the Lexmark 100xl cartridge range which is probably our biggest seller.

Compatible Cartridges have become the new thing as originals cost so much money and Compatible cartridges have become so good we can give a one year guarantee on all our compatible cartridges.

All our compatibles come with a year guarantee. We have been in the business for the past 6 years and have a solid reputation for supplying top quality compatible cartridges. If you want to print with confidence choose our compatible cartridges and keep printing at half the price.

What is a compatible cartridge?

A compatible cartridge is a printer inkjet cartridge that is made by a third party manufacturer. The company that makes the original printer inkjet cartridges will usually license their name and patents to other companies. These companies then produce their own compatible cartridges that are substantially similar in price and quality to the original manufacturer.

Cheap replacement for OEMs, they are less expensive than OEMs and they provide the same functionality as OEMs. And it doesn’t matter if you have an HP, Canon or Brother printer, there are more than one compatible cartridges available for each of these brands on the market today.

Find the best compatible cartridges online for your printer.

Premium compatible cartridges are a safe way to save a lot of money on printer supplies, without sacrificing quality.

We also provide you with all the information about our products, so that you can easily make a decision.

And we only sell premium compatible cartridges, so every product is guaranteed to be compatible with your printer and to give you the best results possible.

Cartridge Emporium is a leading supplier of compatible cartridges for a variety of printers. They have a wide range of printer models to choose from and they have been dealing in compatible cartridges for over 12 years now.

In this modern, high-tech world, people are always looking to save money and Cartridge Emporium is happy to oblige with their range of high-quality compatible cartridges.