How To Use This Site

Please note we do not sell refill ink cartridges online the prices are there so you can see what they cost. As the name implies they are refills so you need to bring them in to our store. OEM’s and Compatibles can be ordered online.

Finding Your Cartridges

We have provided a speedy Search bar that appears either on the left or the right hand side of the page.

To find your cartridge you would type the brand name of your and then the number ie, HP 21 , it will then start to appear in a drop down list from the search bar, click on your cartridge which will then open the page.

How to Find Your Cartridge Number

This site uses brand names with cartridge numbers.

To find your cartridge number open the compartment on your printer that houses the cartridges. If it is an INK printer the cartridge number will appear on the top of the cartridge eg A canon ink cartridge could be PG40 which is a black ink cartridge for the canon printer MP250. You would then type in the search field Canon PG40 which will then start to produce results for that cartridge, click on the cartridge that is most applicable.

The same applies for laser/toner cartridges. Look on the actual cartridge for the number then type in the search field then brand name then number on the cartridge eg HP CB540a which is a black toner cartridge.

If you are still unsure of how to search please contact our sales department and they will be more than happy to assist you.


Paying Online

Our site uses payfast to process it’s credit card payments and EFT payments. This is a very safe secure method of payment that takes you to payfasts site to process your transaction. Once the transaction has been processed it will then take you back to our site.


Delivery usually takes place within a 48 hour period if you are in Cape Town. If we have to order stock in this usually takes 3 days but allow up to 5 days to be safe, please note we are not responsible for postal strikes or delays by the post office. Every effort is taken to ensure your product is delivered as soon as possible as we know people usually order at the time their cartridges run out.

If  you order at the end of the day please note that your transaction will only be processed the following morning or if you order late friday afternoon your order will be processed on Monday morning. Please note that every effort is made to deliver your product on time.