Why The Major Manufacturers Are Lying to YOU

Why The Major Manufacturers Are Lying to YOU

Why all the Fear?

The big manufacturers are conspiring against you. How? You may ask. I’ve noticed manufacturers like Hewlett Packard really ramping up their efforts to scare you into buying original cartridges. Because we sell a lot of cartridges here at Cartridge Emporium we often buy printers so we can test cartridges that we refill before we send them out. I installed the printer software of a recent purchase on my laptop then I put compatible cartridges into this specific printer. I got the biggest message on the screen saying these are non HP Cartridges and my warranty will be void if I continue. Then another screen saying Non HP cartridges can damage the heads on the printer we can not be held responsible blah blah blah. To tell you the truth even I, a hardened refiller of all things refillable, got a little paranoid. But then I came to my senses and realised it was only fearmongering, something they did to all retailers who sell their printers. DON’T let the customer even consider for one second to use refills or compatible cartridges because they will have their warranties voided.

They even go a step further which has happened for the last few years and flash in the bottom right of your screen Update available Please update your printer software so you can benefit from the latest improvements from HP. All I can say is DON’T as there is always a possibility that the latest software/firmware update is nothing but I ruse to make the compatible cartridges in your printer not work. It’s coded into the firmware update! Look at her…… she’s picking up what I’m throwing down.


Imagine a car manufacturer said you can only use a certain brand of fuel in your car because your warranty will be void. It is absurd! And the reason they do this is to get more of your money. Yes that’s what everything always comes down to! Money! Greed! Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a little greed after all it built America. HP Canon Samsung Lexmark and all the other big boys make a killing off your FEAR. What goes through your mind when you are herded down like lemmings over their proverbial cliff of fear? I must buy originals otherwise poor Papiitoo will have a horrible voilent death. Yes some people even name their printers! So this makes them intrinsically, emotionally part of the family. But don’t be fooled! They make a killing off you by selling their grossly overpriced cartridges through the fear that they have created. 1st rule to start saving: Don’t name your printer! 2nd rule to start saving: Don’t let them scare you! 3rd rule to start saving: Find a good refiller close to you or not so close to you if you’re coming to us. 4th rule to start saving: Don’t update your software or firmware they are not trying to help you.

It only takes round about three sets of compatible cartridges to cover the cost of your printer (depending on your printer some less some slightly more) It takes 2 sets of xl refill cartridges and the savings would buy more than a printer. So what are you all so attached to? Why is everyone so allergic to saving money? And you’re saving the environment at the same time. Big bonus.

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Toner Cartridge Savings

Toner cartridges can be refilled as well or remanufactured as I like to put as we replace parts that need replacing because of wear and tear. The savings for these are huge as well as a reman will cost you less than half the price of an original. Colour laser printers use four toners so if each toner cartridge cost R1200 that’s R4800 for a set but only R2400 for a reman set or even less. That printer cost from R2000 or more. 1 set of cartridges could have paid for a new printer or braces for little Jimmy boy.


Don’t let them scare you. China uses 100% remanufactured toner cartridges and it is one of the fastest growing super powers in the world. Start saving and get printing!

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