Compatible Ink Cartridges (3 Reasons to choose them) Cape Town

Compatible Ink Cartridges (3 Reasons to choose them) Cape Town

Compatible Ink Cartridges Cape Town South Africa

Compatible Ink Cartridges HP, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, Brother. Cartridge Emporium we sell them all. We offer the widest range of compatible cartridges in South Africa. We have a full range of compatible ink cartridges and compatible toner cartridges that will suit your budget. We have taken our time to select only the best compatible suppliers in the world at the moment.

The brands we are using are very reliable compatible cartridges and will keep you printing! Our compatible cartridges range has been carefully selected through many, many years of trial and error and we can guarantee you will be very satisfied with out range. We do not believe in dirt cheap as you will never get the quality you need we have gone with the perfect combination of compatible ink cartridges with quality and price. Buy all your compatible ink cartridges at Cartridge Emporium. We can mail them to you or you can come in to our store.

3 Reasons why Compatible Ink Cartridges Are Better

Reason 1 Huge savings on cartridges: this keeps you printing while not breaking the bank and allows you to spend money on other things that are as important.

Reason 2 Some compatible Ink cartridges actually print more than originals: this is sometimes true as original cartridges may come in a size small which means they print less. Some of the compatible cartridges we sell come with more ink or toner in them which allows you to print for longer.

Reason 3 Generic cartridges from us come with a 1 year guarantee and we stick to our word: a lot of the time there are fly by night companies and you are left high and dry when the cartridge doesn’t work. We have been here for over 12 years and we have no intention of going anywhere. Our trained staff can help you immediately with any problem or questions you may have. This goes a long way in relieving stress when it comes to printing. We often get customers coming in who have brought from other less reputable shops where they have had a problem with the cartridges and we help fix the cartridge issue they are having.

Compatible Ink Cartridges

Compatible ink cartridges

We have been running for over 12 years now but have people who have been in the industry for over fifteen years. We when we say our compatible cartridges are reliable we mean it. We want to be around for the next fifty years and there is only one way to do it which is to keep our customers happy. Our full range extends from HP, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung, Brother. Whatever we don’t have we will get for you. We pride ourselves on being the best! We don’t mess around. Our store is located in Plumstead but more right in the middle and on the border of Constantia, Wynberg, Meadowridge, so we are not far away. Just a quick hop off the highway and you’ll find us. Our compatible cartridges are waiting for you.

Compatible Toner cartridges

Compatible Toner cartridges have come a long way in terms of reliability. We wouldn’t offer a guarantee on our cartridges if they were always coming back. We would lose customers and this is not a good business model. So we have made sure we give the absolute best compatible toner cartridges money can buy. We want you to be happy. Happy customer happy business. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 021 7611080 and ask any questions you may have. We want you to feel comfortable using our compatible toner cartridges.

Compatible Toner Cartridges

Contact us on or call us on 0217611080 and get printing.

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