Canon CLI 426 Colour Ink Cartridge, Cape Town

Canon CLI 426 Colour Ink Cartridge, Cape Town

Canon CLI 426 Colour Ink Cartridge Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

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Cartridge Emporium

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Laser printers

Canon laser printers use cartridges. Between printer models based on the same Canon print engine, some mechanical parts (such as fuser units and roller assemblies) are interchangeable. However, Apple and HP each redesigned their printers to accept manufacturer-specific toner cartridges, requiring consumers to purchase toner cartridges by brand name. An HP cartridge will not fit a Canon printer, or vice verse.For many years, Canon were the principal makers of the print-engines found in industry-standard laser printers. The first models of Apple LaserWriter, and the equivalent products made by HP, used the Canon LBP-CX engine. The next models (LaserWriter II series, LaserJet II series) used the Canon LBP-SX engine. Later models used the Canon LBP-LX, LBP-EX, LBP-PX engines and many other Canon print engines.

Digital Copiers

Canon’s largest division in terms of revenue is its multifunction copier division. Many of the sweeping changes during the “Digital Revolution” in the industry were invented by Canon. This has enabled Canon to hold the highest market share in the industry for 26 of the last 27 years. Canon distributes its consumer and home office imageCLASS line though retail outlets and professional grade image RUNNER series through subsidiary Canon Business Solutions and independent distributors. The professional grade series ranges from small table tops to large digital presses.


Environmental activities

A report by the environmental organization Clean Air-Cool Planet puts Canon at the top of a list of 56 companies the survey conducted on climate-friendly companies.

Canon has also launched three new calculators in Europe, called “Green Calculators”, which are produced in part from recycled Canon copiers.

The company has a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy in Europe, named ‘Green is just a shade of blue’. The strategy places emphasis on green issues being ‘a small part of the bigger, bluer picture’, and therefore gives equal importance to other areas, including ethics, attitudes, humanitarian aid and disaster relief, education, science and social welfare.

The Canon Group has an environmental charter which looks at ‘offering products with a lower environmental burden through improvements in resource efficiency, while eliminating anti-social activities that threaten the health and safety of mankind and the environment.

In 2008 Canon donated financial support to help the estimated 5 million people displaced by the earthquake that hit China’s Sichuan province in May 2008.

1million RMB was donated to the Red Cross Society of China shortly after the earthquake. Canon Inc, Japan, soon followed with a donation of RMB10 million.

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