HP Compatible Cartridges Flying off our Shelves

HP Compatible Cartridges Flying off our Shelves

HP Compatible Cartridges
Our HP Compatible cartridges are proving very popular out there. We have a wide range of HP Compatible cartridges to choose from and they are flying off our shelves like hot cakes. Our HP 920xl cartridges are the most popular as they can’t be refilled or at least without a chip. Wait a minute I’ll go through a quick list of our most popular HP Cartridges
HP 920xl Ink cartridges
HP 940xl Compatible Ink cartridges
HP 655xl Compatible Ink Cartridges you can’t find the original xl in SA
HP 178xl Compatible Ink Cartridges
HP 932 933xl compatible ink cartridges
HP 122xl compatible ink cartridges
HP 121xl compatible ink cartridges
HP 901xl compatible ink cartridges

Okay okay I’m sure you get the picture. As much as I would like to be refilling these cartridges so they don’t end up in garbage dumps they are the better alternatives to the Original cartridges as they cost much less and they have higher capacities so they will keep you printing for longer before they get thrown away. Speaking of which does anyone know a company that can use the empty cartridges to melt them down and turn them in to whatever useful thing they can be used for. We used to have a guy that turned our cartridges and old printers that customers dropped off with us into plastic roof tiles. Man they were strong and durable. They were the best roof tiles I’ve seen but we have lost his number and any contact info we had.

So our HP compatible ink cartridges are great and I can attest to this as we have now sold more than a thousand of them and had no returns so that’s got to be a great return rate for anyone.

We also offer reseller pricing to anyone who has their own shop selling cartridges so if you know of anyone that might be interested we have great pricing for them. Just go to our contact page and drop me an email and I will respond with haste with a price list. Don’t hesitate to get in on the action at our store in Plumstead @ 99 Gabriel Road. 0217611080

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